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Newtown, CT celebrating Saturday & Sunday!

2013 news release(s):
Nation Prepares for Children’s Day on Sunday - 06/04/13
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Again Sets June 9 as Children’s Day - 05/21/13
Mark the Day June 9 as Children’s Day - 04/23/13

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issues Children’s Day 2013 proclamation as does Mayor Tom Weisner of Aurora, Ill.


Huntington, WV Celebrate Children’s Day at Ritter Park (Photo Gallery)
GeekWorld™ 6 Great Mobile Games for 2013 Children’s Day

Letters to the Editor
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(06/09/13) - Happy Children’s Day: Celebrating America's most precious resource
(06/05/13) - Herald News Children’s Day meant to be celebrated
(06/02/13) - Feliciana Explorer Celebrate Children’s Day Sunday, June 9
(05/29/12) - Chicago Sun-Times: Churches could help expand preschool education


Commentary from Rev. Dr. Lillian Capehart: Pray for our children

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Here are 10 Ideas for America’s Churches on “Children’s Day”

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Feature: Children’s Day song

Mr. Nicky developed a national Children’s Day song that was released in 2006 and was revised in 2011.
Hear Mr. Nicky’s “I Love Being A Kid.” Visit Mr. Nicky at
















































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